#  Your Feed Reader Will Thank You →

January 27th, 2008 | In Housekeeping 

I finally got around to making this site’s feed (it’s this post’s title link) work a little better. I’ve configured it so that you don’t have to click through to this site to visit the pages I’m linking to. They’re now in your feed reader right under the title — right now the link has the clever text of “Title Link.”(see below). This doesn’t work exactly as I’d like, but it works significantly better than it did, which is certainly a good thing. I also have to thank Justin Tadlock for providing the impetus for finally making this work.

EDIT: I’ve changed it so that the title link has the same text as the title (though it obviously links to a different place). Though this still isn’t quite what I want, it’s the same result as one gets with Tumblr, which makes it at least a little more acceptable to me.

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