#  We’re having the wrong fight about Iraq →

January 28th, 2008 | In Worth Considering 

In last week’s Newsweek column — I’m rather out-of-date where offline reading is concerned — Fareed Zakaria argues that all the presidential candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, are having the wrong discussion about Iraq. He also offer a way forward:

The most intelligent strategy for the United States now is a combined political and military one. If we are to engage in peacekeeping, the operation needs to be internationally recognized, sanctioned and supported—as it was in Bosnia. We should call an international conference on Iraq and get the support of other countries—crucially Iraq’s neighbors—for this new mission. There should then be a joint international push to get the Iraqis to make the kinds of political deals that will turn the ceasefires into lasting peace. Over the next year if the violence continues to decline, countries like India, Poland and South Africa could be persuaded to relieve American troops. With sustained and focused efforts, over time, American forces could draw down substantially. The mission could then become what it was always billed as, a genuinely international effort to assist the Iraqi people in founding a new nation.

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