#  The End of Menstration? →

February 3rd, 2008 | In Worth Reading 

Tracy Clark-Flory takes an interesting look into the historical relationship between women and “that time of the month.” Many interesting ideas are mentioned. I found this one especially striking (and odd — I’d never thought that bodily functions could be a source of group solidarity).

Vavrus says her female students often tell her they are greatly reluctant to suppress their periods. She adds that having a period is a powerful form of female solidarity, one that can’t be broken by even the most high-powered marketing campaign. “Even though we have been socialized to detest our period and to really dread its onset, it still is one of those things that bind us together as women,” she says. “It’s the only thing we really have in common in a very fractured and splintered world. It’s one thing you can always count on other women to understand.”

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