#  More Time-Space Maps

July 23rd, 2009 | In Worth Seeing 

So fascinated was I by the idea from yesterday, I’ve hunted down a few more examples.

  • Oscar Karlin redesigned the iconic London tube map so that distance were determined by travel time. So did Rod McLaren and Tom Carden.
  • “Patrick” made a map showing the travel time, using public transporation exclusively, between Brussels and a number of European cities. This observation is striking:

    And although Chimay is a lot closer to Brussels in the real world, with public transportation, you’d long be in Paris or London before arriving in Chimay.

  • David Chatting, as enamored as I am, has saved more of these of Delicious. He’s also stretched Britain based on driving times and trains from Ipswitch.
  • Personal World Map not only offers time-space shifting, but also money-space shifting. It does air travel.

These maps that don’t actually offer a time-space adjustment, but do illustrate travel times.

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