#  The Nature of Male Privilege →

March 25th, 2011 | In Worth Reading 

Spurred on by recommendations in this AskMeFi thread, I spent much of my afternoon grappling with one of the more known but unknown aspects of male privilege. “you’re a kittie!” captures what I mean pretty well (emphasis mine) in her answer to the question of what aspects of being a woman more men should understand:

Fear. Fear of violence (especially sexual violence) is a huge thing that I think many enlightened guys understand intellectually, but not at a visceral level. It’s something many women think about on a daily basis, and even just the need to be aware of the danger changes your life in subtle or not-so-subtle ways.

The title link here is the one response in an old MetaFilter thread that finally made me feel like I really understood how this whole fear thing works. It’s long for an internet comment, but I doubt any compassionate man can walk away from the entire thread, or simply this comment, the same.

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