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#  Skating Shadows →

May 22nd, 2012 at 19:31 // In Worth Watching 

I could explain this video, but I prefer the way Mr. Kottke did:

The video feels like a dream sequence in a movie, a movie where some evil wizard turns the boys of Dogtown into shadows.

#  Extractive and Incentivizing Colonialism →

May 21st, 2012 at 19:30 // In Worth Knowing 

Jared Diamond’s review of Why Nations Fail isn’t all that positive, but this distinction from the book was one I’d never thought of:

Among non-European countries colonized by Europeans during the last five hundred years, those that were initially richer and more advanced tend paradoxically to be poorer today. That’s because, in formerly rich countries with dense native populations, such as Peru, Indonesia, and India, Europeans introduced corrupt “extractive” economic institutions, such as forced labor and confiscation of produce, to drain wealth and labor from the natives. (By extractive economic institutions, Acemoglu and Robinson mean practices and policies “designed to extract incomes and wealth from one subset of society [the masses] to benefit a different subset [the governing elite].”)

But in formerly poor countries with sparse native populations, such as Costa Rica and Australia, European settlers had to work themselves and developed institutional incentives rewarding work. When the former colonies achieved independence, they variously inherited either the extractive institutions that coerced the masses to produce wealth for dictators and the elite, or else institutions by which the government shared power and gave people incentives to pursue. The extractive institutions retarded economic development, but incentivizing institutions promoted it.