About Link Banana

Link Banana is a link blog. A link blog is a catalog of links to other content on the internet. If you’re looking for that to be fleshed out a little more, I’d recommend you look toward my inaugural post: What is a Link Banana?

“What does Link Banana link to?” is the obvious follow-up question. That short answer is anything that is found interesting , well said, or otherwise compelling. Probably the best way to really get a quick understand of what those topics are (other than, well, perusing the blog) is to look at our tag cloud.

Another useful way to think of this site is to know this: I spend far too much time on the internet reading far too much information from the most renowned and obscure sources. If I like something enough, I post it here. This is to say that I’m not exactly trolling the internet for odd and obscure tidbits (à la Boing Boing, Neatorama, etc) or spending time collecting technology tidbits (à la Daring Fireball, and hundreds of blogs I don’t read). My reading — and hence posting — is oriented more toward news and opinion; having said that, interesting technology news or obscure tidbits that get my attention are certainly posted here as well.

And in a final hope to explain it, a list of old taglines:

  • From LOLcats to the London Review
  • a catalog of what’s interesting on the internet

About me

My name is David Hayes and I am the writer/editor of Link Banana. The link in the last sentence should give you a better idea of who I am, but Cliff Notes version is that I also write at Frozen Toothpaste and Ikiru Design. You may be interested to know that my favorite word has long been marshmallow.