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#  Angelina Jolie’s PR Prowess →

July 2nd, 2014 at 10:03 // In Worth Considering 

At BuzzFeed, Ann Helen Petersen makes and elaborates a really interesting point: Angelina Jolie’s PR in the last 10 years has been amazingly good. Don’t believe it, consider Ann’s great hook:

What was Angelina Jolie best known for in 2004?

a.) Wearing a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck.

b.) Making out with her brother on the red carpet.

c.) Being the offspring of ‘70s star Jon Voight.

#  Ken Jennings Q&A →

March 4th, 2011 at 6:08 // In Worth Distraction 

Massively funny and surprising AMA on reddit. (If you aren’t aware, Ken Jennings is the winningest contestant from the American quiz show Jeopardy!, he recently lost three games to an IBM-made computer system called Watson.)

#  George Clooney Googles Himself →

March 14th, 2008 at 17:56 // In Worth Distraction 

I thought Joel Stein had mastered the George Clooney profile a few weeks ago. A.J. Jacobs may have just topped him.

You may Google yourself from time to time, but George Clooney doesn’t. How could he? It’s different for him. It’s overwhelming. Its infinite madness could disintegrate a man’s personality. “George Clooney” pops up on nearly 11 million sites on the Internet. Spend a day browsing these sites and you will find unfathomable rage and baffling adoration. You will find America with all its insane colors refracted through the prism of George Clooney.

But George Clooney is also a brave man, and today he has agreed to spend a couple of hours exploring what the Internet has to say about George Clooney. A sort of This Is Your Virtual Life. Today he will see things that shock him, scare him, and make him shake with laughter. He will see things so disturbing that he will walk out of the room horrified. Also, he will see his own nipples.

(via brijit)

#  An Undergrad Fiction Workshop →

March 6th, 2008 at 17:00 // In Worth Reading 

As you may know, Esquire has created something of a sensation by fictionalizing the last days of Heath Ledger’s life. I haven’t read it, and don’t intend to. But I liked what Vulture did with it:

Professor Betts: Now we have a short story by Ms. Taddeo, called “The Last Days of Heath Ledger.” It’s a fictionalized account of the death of a famous movie star.

Ginger: I didn’t get it?

Professor Betts: What do you mean?

Ginger: Like, the whole thing? He dies, but he keeps talking? Can you do that? Also, I think in a lot of places she was telling, not showing.

Alex: Well, I thought the entire story was a work of genius. All she had to go on was her imagination and an afternoon spent sitting in the Miro Cafe, and she gave us a brilliant look inside the mind of a guy who can pick up any girl he wants but still resents his fans!